Cluster Ionizer

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Cluster Ionizer 란 ?

Cluster Ionizer는 차량의 실내공기를 쾌적하게 만들어주는 장치로 고압을 이용하여 2개의 금속 전극에서 다량의 음이온 및 양이온을 발생시켜 각종 세균 및 곰팡이 분자를 제거하는 장치입니다.

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ITEM Spec.
Temperature range -30℃ ~ +80℃
Voltage range DC9V~DC16V
Rated Voltage DC12V
Current max. 180mA


Mode Output Voltage
Clean Mode 3.2KV ± 0.5KV
Ion Mode 2.5KV ± 0.5KV

Cluster Ionizer 작동 원리


Cluster Ionizer 성능

Test Condition

  • Temperature 20±5℃, Humidity 40±5℃
  • Tested by Ozon Density Tester (EPA approved Equipment)
  • Test Location : Head level of Center between Driver/Passenger
    (Breath Level).
  • Test Method
    – Mode : Rec. Cool, Vent.
    – Airflow : BLWR No. 6
    – Test Location : By Test Condition above
    – Test Time : First 1 Hour Average / Test 8 Hours Average
o3 analyzer 400
o3 test result

Ozon Genertation is too little to give any damage to human body.
Working Over 8 Hours continuously, Ozon Density increase about 5PPB(0.005PPM)

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